Chat 3/26-4/1
03/26/2001 - Updated 09:59 PM ET

Hot sites

Witness the new winds of democracy that have been blowing across Africa. Hopes on the Horizon presents a multimedia tour of six African countries during the 1990s.

Literature and humor find a digital home at the New Yorker site. A blend of magazine and online-only features spanning cartoons, culture and current affairs.

Spamex offers to help you avoid unsolicited e-mail and e-marketers through an anonymous address. Basic account is free.

Another site that proves PCs were never intended for work-related activities: A classic game of Battleship. Or fire up your Asteroids blaster.

Speaking of work, Planet Wally wants to help make it a little more fun with a big collection of office pranks. (Remember: Don't implicate us.)

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