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About Spamex


The Disposable Email Address Service for Individuals and Companies

Spamex provides applications that make generating and using disposable email addresses simple. By using disposable email addresses for all your inbound and outbound email, you have full control of the email you receive.

Because you are allowed to disable any disposable email address, you can always stop unsolicited email. This is easier than having to unsubscribe from a mailing list.

Spamex also provides a way for you to store additional information about sites you register with (like username and password). That information is associated with each disposable email address that is created.

Answering a Real Need

Consumers say the largest obstacle to filling out forms is providing companies with their real email address because of the proliferation of non-permission use of that address. And since most consumers use the same address at more than one site, they are unable to determine who revealed their email address when it is given to email marketers. Spamex has solved this problem once and for all with the application that allows for generation and use of disposable email addresses.

Why Spamex is Different

By using disposable email addresses as a way to manage and monitor your email, you gain the ability to directly monitor what email is solicited versus unsolicited. Other companies use filters or rules as a way to block SPAM. However, it is easy to get around this by changing the address that is being used to send from. Spamex is never fooled. Why? Because each disposable email address that is created is completely traceable and can be shut off instantly, thus stopping any email from getting through.


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