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Everyone loves Spamex. Our users speak up...

"I adore it!! ... Thanks so much for a really really valuable service. - Jack"

"I just wanted to say thank you! Spamex has made use of the Web worry-free. I use to avoid many sites of interest if an email address was needed fearing that I would be placed a mailing list that would embarrass me-ergo, the reason for my using Spamex. I really appreciate the service provided. Again, many thanks"

"Hi, I just wanted to write and say that the Spamex service is THE SINGLE BEST service I've ever come across! Kudos to you guys for coming up w/ it AND for offering so many disposeable addresses for such a low yearly price. I'm telling everyone about it, I hope you guys are a success and that you will be around for a long time... I've been online since 1996 and have only ever paid for two services in all that time and spamex is one of them. - Lauren :)"

"I do not subscribe to anything because of all the junk I get. Spamex has given me back the resources of the internet and peace-of-mind."

"Just want to say what a useful product you have. I think sliced bread is not as useful. I have only tried this a couple times and the results are exactly as you say. Too bad that the spammers have made this a necessity, but then "necessity is the mother of invention". Again my hat is off to you folks. Thanks - Patrick"

"I recently started using Spamex and already it allowed me to find out the source of spam that I received. On 11/14, I renewed my subscription to [deleted] and gave them a new email address: [deleted]@spamex.com. On 11/22, I received some spam about winning a sailing vacation and it was addressed to [deleted]@spamex.com. I contacted [deleted] to complain about the violation of my privacy and have discontinued using their service. I love my disposable (and trackable!) email addresses! - Hank"

"This is awesome... I just had to change my real email address and was able to forward all my DEAs to my new address with two clicks. I will never give out a non-disposable email address again. p.s. You should really advertise this as a feature... it is worth more than the spam blocking - Paul"

"Don't know if you need another testimonial about Spamex but I'm here to tell you that this is THE GREATEST investment I've ever made!!!! Not only has it eliminated Spam but it has enabled me to keep my real email address off of public email addresses which virtually eliminates virus attacks at my personal email address... THANK YOU!!!!... I would drown in a sea of spam and viruses without Spamex :-) My new motto?: "Don't email from home without it" - A very satisfied customer - Lynn"

Find out for yourself why people love the Spamex Disposable Email Address Service with a No-Risk 30 day Free trial. Sign-up today and start protecting your Real Email Address for harvesting, spam and other forms of email abuse.

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