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Step 1: Register

Please use the on-line registration form to register. You must provide your Real Email Address as a validation email will be sent to that email address.

Step 2: Validate Your Email Address

A validation email is sent to your email address when registration is complete. You can validate by any of the below methods:
  • Click on the URL included in the email.
  • Copy and paste the URL included in the email into your browsers (the same as clicking on the URL).
  • Go to the Real Addresses page in your Profile and enter the validation code included in the email.
Note: If you have not received the validation email you can have it resent from the Real Addresses page in your Profile. If it still does not arrive, please consult this item in the FAQ.

Step 3: Install the Pop-up in your browser for easy access

If you are using a browser for which we have a plug-in, install it from the link below:
  • Internet Explorer: spamex.IE.installer.exe
  • Firefox: spamex.xpi
  • Chrome: Coming soon...
  • Note: these plugins are very basic, and basically just run the same javascript as the bookmark, but because they are plug-ins they will usually not be blocked by pop-up blockers.
The Pop-up can also be installed as a bookmark that uses some javascript to open itself:
  • Netscape and Internet Explorer users can Drag the below link into their links bar.
  • Other users (AOL, Earthlink, Opera, etc) should right click below link and add it to their favorites (or bookmarks).
  • Some versions of Internet Explorer will work with our Auto-Installer.
This is the link ->

Creating and using Disposable Email Addresses
Creating and using a Disposable Email Address is very simple.
  • Launch the Pop-up
  • Select 'Create Address' (you may need to login first)
  • Fill in required and optional information (if desired) and click submit
  • Copy the Disposable Email Address and paste it where it's needed.
Note: All email sent to the Disposable Email Address will automatically forward to the Real Email Address that was specified when the Disposable Email Address was created.

Locating a Disposable Email Addresses to edit or turn off

Locating a Disposable Email Address so that it can be updated or turned off is very simple.

From the Application Pop-up:

  • List Addresses
  • Select the Address
  • Select Edit
  • Make any desired changes and click update
From a Received Email:
  • Click on the More Info Link (You may need to login)
  • Select Edit
  • Make any desired changes and click update

Sending (originating) email using a Disposable Email Address

Sending an email using a Disposable Email Address is very simple.
  1. Launch the Application Pop-up
  2. Select the desired Disposable Email Address
  3. Choose "Send"
  4. Compose the email and submit

Replacing or adding a new Real Email Address

  1. Launch the Application Pop-up
  2. Choose Profile
  3. Choose Real Email Addresses
  4. Add Real Email Address
Note: To confirm that you are the owner of the email address, you will receive an email message with instructions for confirming the address.


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