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Press Release

ClicVU, Inc. Introduces Enterprise Version of Disposable Email Address Service™,
Stops the Non-Permission use of Users Email Addresses.

NEW YORK, NY - July 18, 2001 -

ClicVU, Inc. (ClicVU), a leading provider of services that allow users to identify the sources of and stop non-permission use (spam, UCE, UBE, etc.) of their email addresses, today announced the availability of the enterprise version of their Disposable Email Address Service.

The enterprise version of the ClicVU Disposable Email Address Service compliments Spamex ClicVU's industry leading direct-to-consumer version of the Service (http://www.spamex.com). Through the Service a user can provide a different disposable email address each time their address is requested on the Internet. They can then instantly identify when and by whom a disposable email address has been disclosed and may turn it off if desired. All disposable email addresses forward email automatically to a user's real email address eliminating the need to maintain multiple email accounts.

The enterprise version of the ClicVU Disposable Email Address provides businesses with a private labeled version of the Service complete with management tools for user account setup and maintenance. The Service is monitored and maintained by ClicVU and is available as a hosted or non-hosted application.

The enterprise version of the ClicVU Disposable Email Address Service is email client and email server neutral, easy to implement and runs in parallel to the existing email infrastructure thereby not disrupting existing email services. Integration at the user level does not require but may include a link placed into a web browser for easy access.

"We believe that the Service provides businesses with a solution that can increase employee productivity. It decreases the amount of unnecessary email that employees receive, which increases productivity, and decreases the hardware required to process and store email " said Justin Greene, co-founder of ClicVU, Inc. "The Service can be integrated with any email system allowing companies to easily provide access to their users."

About ClicVU, Inc. (ClicVU)

ClicVU, Inc. (http://www.clicvu.com) is a leading provider of privacy enabling technologies and services in the advertising and email sectors of the Internet. The ClicVU Advertising Service™ allows consumers to save and recall advertisements through a menu that is superimposed on banner advertisements. The ClicVU Offer Channel™, a private label version of the ClicVU service, provides consumers direct access to every banner running on a participating publisher's web site. The ClicVU Disposable Email Address Service™ allows consumer to protect their identity and prevent the non-permission use of the email address.

Michael L. Cassara 212/242-0258 x111 (media@clicvu.com)
ClicVU, Inc.
216 West 18th Street
12th Floor
New York, New York 10011
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