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Press Release

The Spamex Disposable Email Address Service provides protection from harvesting and spam.

New York, NY - December 10, 2002

The Spamex Disposable Email Address Service (http://www.spamex.com) provides people with protection from email address harvesting and spam by allowing them to retain control over who may send them email. Spamex provides a quick and easy way for people to create new, working email addresses (Disposable Email Addresses, or DEAs) that forward to their Real Email Address. These DEAs can then be provided whenever an email address must be disclosed instead of providing the Real Email Address. If a DEA is harvested and starts receiving spam (or any other form of unwanted email), the source of the unwanted email can easily be identified (by checking where the DEA was used) and the DEA can be turned off, stopping the unwanted email.

In a recently released Consumer Alert (http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/conline/pubs/alerts/spamalrt.htm), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) suggests using a Disposable Email Address Service as a way for individuals to prevent the harvesting of their Real Email Addresses by spammers.

“We think that it is great that the FTC has recognized Disposable Email Address Services as a valid way for people to protect themselves.” says Justin Greene, CEO, ClicVU, Inc, the provider of the Spamex Disposable Email Address Service. “More on-line interactions require people to disclose their email address than ever before and using Disposable Email Addresses with those interactions is the best way for people to ensure that the parties to whom they are disclosing their email address, do not abuse it (and to catch them if they do).”

About ClicVU, Inc.

ClicVU, Inc. is the provider of the industry leading Spamex Disposable Email Address Service for consumers (http://www.spamex.com) and the ClicVU Disposable Email Address Service for the Enterprise (http://dea.clicvu.com).


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