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Spamex allows subscribers to add Personal Domain Names to their Spamex Disposable Email Address accounts. A personal domain name is a domain name for which the user controls the DNS and is thus able to direct the mail delivery to the Spamex mail servers.

Adding one or more Personal Domain Names to a Spamex account allows the creation of Disposable Email Addresses using your Personal Domain Name (for example, example.com) in addition to the domain names already provided provided by Spamex (spamex.com and xemaps.com). Personal Domains are available to paying subscribers with Level 2 and Level 3 accounts.

There are a number of reasons that one may want to attach Personal Domain Names to their Spamex Account:

  • Common email addresses @spamex.com and @xemaps.com are often taken.
  • Some places where one might use a Disposable Email Address are aware that @spamex.com and @xemaps.com are Disposable Email Addresses and do not allow them. Personal Domain Names do not typically have this issue.
  • Personal Domains are portable so should one decide to stop using The Spamex Disposable Email Address Service (not that anyone would), the Personal Domain Name could be moved elsewhere and all of the incoming mail could be easily be redirected.

Adding a Personal Domain Name to a Spamex account is simple:

  1. Register a domain name with a registar (if you have not already done so). Preferably one that also provides DNS services (just to keep things simple). Network Solutions and GoDaddy are examples of such registrars. Note that you will need to renew the domain name periodically.
  2. On the "Profile" page of your Spamex Account click the "Add New Personal Domain" link and add you personal domain name. For example, if you own the domain example.com and would like to be able to create Disposable Email Addresses @example.com, then enter example.com. Alternately, if you already receive email @example.com and do not want to change that, you could enter abc.example.abc.com and then create Disposable Email Addresses @abc.example.com, while still using @example.com for your regular email.
  3. After entering the domain name, a code will be displayed that must be added as a TXT record to the DNS of the domain. This allows us to verify that you actually have control of the domain. If you used a third-level domain, such as abc.example.com, be sure that the text record is added to the third-level domain and not the second level (example.com).
  4. Once we verify the presence of the TXT record (this can take some time depending to become visible depending on how the registrar has the domain configured), the option to process a payment of US$15.00 for the cost of adding a personal personal domain will become available. This is a one-time setup fee for each Personal Domain added to an account, though as mentioned before you will need to continue to pay the registrar for the Domain Name registration on an annual basis.
  5. Add an MX record to the DNS of the domain with the value of smtp.spamex.com (Note: Do not add a CNAME, this will not work). If you added a third-level domain, such as abc.example.com, you must add an MX for the third-level domain, not the second-level domain (example.com). This step will cause all mail sent to the Personal Domain Name to be directed to spamex.
  6. You will be able to create Disposable Email Addresses using the Personal Domain Name as soon as the payment is processed, however mail will not be directed to Spamex until the MX record changes have been made and are visible.
  7. That's it! Enjoy your new Personal Domain(s).

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